Discover Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Courtrai and Malines and their local Belgian beers during a beerwalk with guide.

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Public BeerWalk
per person
€ 45p.p.
Private BeerWalk
(min. 10 people)
€ 450   
Private BeerWalk
>10 people
+ € 45pp
Groupes > 20p
are divided into several guides

✓ Guided Beer Tasting Tour (3h)
✓ Discover the history of Brussels and its beers
✓ Learn to taste beer with 5 regional beers
✓ All our guides speak English fluently

Price: €45.00 per person (VAT incl.)

✓ No cancellation fee until 48h before

Discover the heart of Europe, located on the Senne, by an unique three hours tour.

Learn how to taste beer with a guide who completely immerses you into the beer history of the Belgian and European Capital. 5 beer tastings of different beers and an official BeerWalk glass are included in the price.

To watch this video, please turn on the English subtitles.

Brussels beer history

Late 19th, early 20th century there where dozens of breweries in Brussels. Many basements of private homes and public places were rented to store barrels. Brussels just breathed beer. During this fascinating historic beer walk we will take you back in time, you will discover the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and you will see a lot of beer related places.

Beer Tastings at 5 different locations

This unique tour includes 5 special craft beers that are all linked to Brussels beer history. BeerWalk allows you to discover the UNESCO heritage listed Beerculture in a unique, different manner.

Everyone welcome

Anyone who takes part can decide, at any time during the BeerWalk tour, to have one or more beer tastings replaced by a coffee or a soda of your choice. This way anyone can enjoy the beer stories and historic town visit.

Raving 5-star reviews

BeerWalk was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor.

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