Discover Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Courtrai and Malines and their local Belgian beers during a beerwalk with guide.

Bruges BeerWalkterug naar infopagina

✓ Guided City Tour (3h)
✓ Discover the history of Bruges and its beers
✓ Learn to taste beer with 5 regional beers
✓ No cancellation fee (until 48h before)
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Price: €39.00 per person (VAT incl.)

Bruges is one large open-air museum. Discover this medieval city which revolves around 25 tales of beers and brewing with a fascinating beer tour. In approximately three hours, you will travel through the ages from 1000 A.D. to the actual Bruges today. 5 beer tastings of different beers and an official BeerWalk glass are included in the price.

Bruges is well known for its secret hideways and amazing sites, but its world class beers which are steeped in history and tradition, are probably the best kept secret in town. Start your beer walk at the Bruges Beer Museum and let the wonderful history of this charming town surprise you during this tour and beer tasting with guide. The beer tastings include incredible beers which are all connected to the periods and places you’ll discover.

Anyone who takes part can decide, at any time during the BeerWalk tour, to have one or more beer tastings replaced by a coffee or a soda of your choice. This way anyone can enjoy the beer stories and historic town visit.