Discover Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Courtrai and Malines and their local Belgian beers during a beerwalk with guide.



Book and order

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You can pay your online bookings with debit card (Bancontact and Maestro), by credit card (VISA en MASTERCARD) or PayPal. All prices are VAT and banking costs included.

No, the price settings, as mentioned on our website, are “all inclusive”.

You can cancel your BeerWalk reservation without charges until 48hrs before departure. -

It is possible to make a booking up to 20 people attending the same BeerWalk. In case of a group with more than 20 you can contact us at

As long as there are places available (up to 20 per BeerWalk), it is possible to make additional bookings for the same BeerWalk. In case there are more than 20 participants, a second BeerWalk with the same time slot but another guide will be activated for the number over 20.

If you want to book an exclusive BeerWalk tour as a bachelor’s party, family event, corporate teambuilding or you don’t want to share your BeerWalk experience with “strangers”, you need to book your BeerWalk as a private booking.

You pay for the number of people taking part, with a minimum of 10 people. For example, an exclusive BeerWalk tour (costing 39 EUR/person) for 5 people will cost you 390 EUR all included. If you are a group of 20, you pay 780 EUR all included (20p x 39 EUR).

In case the maximum number of participants (20p) is reached, the specific BeerWalk tour is considered “fully booked”. For additional bookings and if there is still a beerguide available, a new BeerWalk tour is scheduled within the same scope of departure.

In case there are no bookings registered for a BeerWalk tour, 48h prior to departure, the tour will not longer be available online.

We do whatever is possible to have the sick or absent BeerWalk guide replaced in time. In case we don’t succeed, a 100% refund is wired instantly to your bank account. You will always receive an email notification of a change made to your booking as well as suggestions for alternative bookings in case of a cancellation.

It’s always possible to add bookings for the same time slot. However we can not guarantee that the additional booking will be with the same BeerWalk guide. All BeerWalk tours have the same starting point, but the guide and beer tasting order may be different.

Attention: you will have to execute a new booking. The refund of the cancelled tour can not be transferred.

You can book for one person on a BeerWalk that already has other participants. If you would like to book for one person on a new tour without other participants, you'll have to select for 2 persons.

The actual BeerWalk

Unfortunately, not all are tasting locations, often located in historic buildings or cellars, are easy accessible for wheelchair users. However with some help of other participants or your friends it is possible to experience a BeerWalk tour in a qualitative way.

Depending on the chosen BeerWalk tour, you will taste 3 to 5 different craft beers (6 to 12% alc) in a period of 2 to 3 hours. Tastings are being served in your own exclusive 15-20cl tasting glass. Probably you won’t exceed the legal guidelines concerning drink and drive regulations. However we strongly advise not to take any unnecessary risks. Ask someone to pick you up or assign someone as “BOB” (responsible driver) or use the public transport in the city centre. It is always possible to have a beer replaced by a soda.

Bare in mind, that you remain responsible for your own actions at all times.

Of course you can! Anyone who takes part can decide, at any time during the BeerWalk tour, to have one or more beer tastings replaced by a soda of choice, thea of coffee. This way anyone can enjoy the beer stories and historic town visit. For a glass of wine or stronger liquids, you'll have to pay yourself at the bar.

To execute a booking you need to be 18 or older.

According to Belgian Law you are allowed to drink beer from the age of 16. In case you are younger and accompanied by adults, you can participate, the tastings however will be replaced by sodas of your choice.

On simple request of the BeerWalk guide you have to be able to show your ID for age verification. In case of doubt, the decision of the BeerWalk guide is binding.

In order to optimalize the experience of a BeerWalk tour, our BeerWalk guide does not combine or switch languages during the tour. Every BeerWalk is guided in one language. Make sure to select a BeerWalk in the language of your choice. At the moment BeerWalk tours are available in Dutch, French, English and German. Spanish, Polish and other languages will follow in the near future.