Discover Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Courtrai and Malines and their local Belgian beers during a beerwalk with guide.

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• I fully understand all physical risks involved in taking part in an activity and accept these without restrictions. I understand that all activities take place in public places and in circumstances partially beyond control of BeerWalk.
• I understand and confirm to participate freely in the activity. I’m in good health and my medical history, both physically as mentally, allows me to take part in the activity.
• I accept liability for claims due to misconduct, risks taken, injury, loss/theft or damage related to my participation.
• I hereby free Beerwalk unconditionally of all claims and actions (by myself and/or third parties), in relation to my participation. Beerwalk can not be held responsable for personal damages, loss or injuries.
• I grant Beerwalk free use of my portrait rights (pictures, audio and video taken during the activity) for promotional use of Beerwalk related products and services only.

Website User Conditions

Booking Confirmation

Your booking is final after the payment is executed and confirmed by BeerWalk.
Youngsters under 18y who book an activity are expected to be accompagnied by an adult, parent or legal guardian. Their parents or legal guardian are supposed to have read and agree with these terms and conditions on behalf of their children.
Participants younger than 16 years have to be accompagnied by a parent or their legal guardian at all times. According to Belgian Law children under 16 are not allowed to drink beer and are therefore excluded from the actual beertastings. Beers will be replaced by non alcoholic refreshments. This does not influence the price setting of a BeerWalk.
In case of doubt about the age and absence of an ID card, our BeerWalk guide decides on whether the youngster is old enough to drink beer or not . His decision is final and can not let to a refund or damage claim what so ever.


In order to guarantee a safe bank transfer, Beerwalk set up a collaboration with Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions bvba, Woluweldal 102, B-1200 Brussels – Belgium. Beerwalk accepts : Bancontact, Maestro, Visa and Mastercard

In the event of unauthorised use of the services, credit card or ID theft , the user must notify Beerwalk immediately.


If less then 10 people are registered for an activity, Beerwalk retains the right to cancel the activity 48hours prior to departure of the activity.
In case a guide turns ill last minute and BeerWalk is not able to have him replaced in time, participants will be notified of the cancellation by email.
In both cases, money already being paid, will be automatically reimbursed the same day. Beerwalk will freely suggest other Beerwalks to replace the cancelled one.

A cancellation of this kind can not be subject of a damage claim what so ever.

Additional conditions

• Beerwalk retains at all times the intellectual property of the website content. No information may be reproduced without the written consent and approval of BeerWalk.

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Privacy Policy

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General Information about Data Privacy and the reason for data collection
We only collect data of our users in order to keep on improving our products and promoting our services.

Connection information

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Data Transmission

In certain cases, disclosure to national and international authorities and/or courts is required by law due to a prior administrative or court order. In these cases, the data are passed on in a manner complying with the legal requirements.


By using the link “Contact us” and sending an email to, you can send us enquiries of a general nature. To process these data, we will collect your contact details (name and email address). We will store these data and the correspondence transferred by us and use them exclusively for the purpose for which you transferred it to us and in order to improve our service.


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